Alisha Arfan

Alisha Arfan

My name is Alisha Arfan. I am currently an 18 year old apprentice who's doing a 'children's and young people's in workforce apprenticeship' level 3. This is because in the future i would like to become a teacher and by gaining experience through this way, i am able to understand and teach children.

I have always had a passion in doing all types of art, such as...

Pencil drawings, marker art, water paintings, acrylic paintings and many more. I love to do mandala art, and mehndi related marker art.

My dream would be to combine my passion with my future career and become an art teacher. I'd love to teach other people my art skills so that they could become inspired with art like i did. 

I AM Fine Artist-Painter LOOKING FOR Teacher Training IN Birmingham

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