Marta Plizga

Marta Plizga

Hi My name is Marta currently studying Illustration at the University of Bedfordshire at 2nd year.

Art and creative world passionate me since I have been a little but a few years ago I decided to go my own path and treat art more seriously other than just a dream. Here I am discovering all opportunities and exploring creative industry.

My creative journey still evolving I experimenting a lot with different styles I can say for now I am mixed media artist as I adore working with different variety of mediums such us: indian and acrylic inks , crayons, pastels and also do collages with vintage theme in backrounds. All my artworsk are vivid and rich in colors I can say that colors are playing a key in my practice.  As my main inspirations subject I draw people and human being I always being fascinated about human existency and fact we all different, however often I do draw nature world as it is pure joy for me. 

"If there is no struggle there is no progress

if there is no challange there is no change. "

I AM Illustrator LOOKING FOR Commissions, Employment , Freelance IN Bedfordshire, London, Cambridgeshire

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