Daniel Beeston

Daniel Beeston

I'm a 16 year old artist, currently studying fine art at 6th form along side 3 other subjects. I usually work in a realistic style but I'm open to more abstract styles. I also feel more comfortable using coloured pencils, graphite and oil pastels however I also use gouache and acrylic paint. Looking for opportunities to get myself more involved in the art world and finding new ways to make a difference with my art :)

I AM Fine Artist-Mixed Media LOOKING FOR Voluntary Work, Freelance IN Tyne and Wear



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Jokgu Draws

posted by Jokgu Draws - 3 months ago

Love your work man especially the hooded cats its great to see other cool artists and please feel free to take a look at my page and or follow me on jokgudraws on insta for more of my work