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Creative Portal

Speakers for schools June event

Posted by Creative Portal, 2 weeks ago

Fantastic event today.

Creative Portal

Speakers for schools

Posted by Creative Portal, 1 month ago

Creative Portal are joining SFS to deliver a careers insight event to 90+ schools in June. 

Creative Portal


Posted by Creative Portal, 1 month ago

One of Saatchi top contemporary artist LENI SMORAGDOVA joining Creative Portal.

Creative Portal

CP Speakers for Schools event

Posted by Creative Portal, 7 months ago

Huge thank you to our amazing speakers who shared their career stories online to aspiring A Level learners from 60 schools.

Creative Portal

Design Opportunity – We are looking for.

Posted by Creative Portal, 10 months ago

Our new virtual exhibition platform is nearly there, but we need your help and support.

We are seeking visuals to both signpost how it functions and also to provide a unique visual brand identity.

Tiago Ribeiro

Let's create some creative challenges

Posted by Tiago Ribeiro, 11 months ago

Just one idea. Nothing more fun then creating challenges to get your creative mojo going.
Whoever wants to create such project let me know.


Creative Portal

Practicing Uncertainty 20th - 29th July 2021; BACKLIT (Basement Gallery), Nottingham.

Posted by Creative Portal, 11 months ago

Practicing Uncertainty showcases work from sixteen contemporary artists working across painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, performance, audio-visual, and digital mediums. The exhibition features new work by: Emily Edmond, Janhavi Sharma, Sarah Tutt, James Briggs, Jessica Emsley, Kaidi Huang, Jo Wheeler, Amy Sidebotham Luke Knight, Klara Szafrańska, Melisa Cerriku, Mısra Arabacı, Paul Liptrot, Ryan Boultbee, WooSun Choi, Yara Zein.
Practicing Uncertainty is the end of year exhibition of the MFA Fine Art course, at Nottingham Trent University. This exhibition will mark the end of an uncertain year, and, for some of the cohort, the end of this chapter in their academic studies. The art school experience this year has been different; this exhibition will reflect on this, considering our collective experience of uncertainty and how it has influenced our making.

Mick Flaherty


Posted by Mick Flaherty, 1 year ago

Hi . I've been making art and music for over 20 years . I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to exhibit or sell art work ?
After 10 years of trying and a degree last year, I'm lost. Cheers x

Tiago Ribeiro

Let's collaborate

Posted by Tiago Ribeiro, 1 year ago

Let's make ideas real, join skills and make it happen.

Creative Portal


Posted by Creative Portal, 1 year ago

Welcome ArtyFakes, looking forward to Speakers for Schools being with us and GNU Films and soon, Bubble Creative Solutions.

Creative Portal

Hi All

Posted by Creative Portal, 1 year ago

Please share ideas, collaborations, exhibitions, performances, postings, let’s get these conversations started.

Creative Portal

Opportunity from The Curators

Posted by Creative Portal, 1 year ago

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.                                                                                                                                         Anaïs Nin  

The Journal Volume 1 EROS call for Artists

Creative Portal

Speakers for Schools

Posted by Creative Portal, 1 year ago

Creative Portal are sharing aspirations in support of your careers

Creative Portal

Cognitive Sensations Opportunity

Posted by Creative Portal, 1 year ago

The Downloadable Brain’ is a programme that examines the biological connection between humans and technology, focussing on three technological goals:
1. To build a machine that can think for itself.
2. To create a technological copy of a human.
3. To read a person’s thoughts through their brain data.

Creative Portal

Enterprise Nation funding opportunities

Posted by Creative Portal, 1 year ago

Coronavirus: Funding and support schemes for small businesses, social enterprises and the self-employed

Creative Portal

White Space Collective

Posted by Creative Portal, 1 year ago

Creative Portal welcomes White Space Collective

Creative Portal

Crafts Council

Posted by Creative Portal, 1 year ago

Call for emerging makers: funded business training.

Creative Portal

New Creative Conversations

Posted by Creative Portal, 1 year ago

Welcome to your new feature which we hope will encourage interaction, collaboration and sharing of our amazing portfolio users and what we hope will be a growing business industry and education presence.


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