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Jack Williams

Jack Williams (JackWilliamsEditor)

Hello My Name is Jack Williams I am a film graduate from Norwich University of the Arts where I specialised in editing and hope to continue and develop my editing work over the next few years. I want to expand and develop my skills through editing and creating stories in any form whether that be Documentary, Short films or promotional material. 

I believe stories hold such a brilliant place within our lives and everyone has a story they want to show and its something that I want to help get out there. 

I AM Film Maker LOOKING FOR Commissions, Growing My Skills and Portfolio, Freelance IN Norfolk I'M BASED IN Norfolk


MY Film and Editing work




I had the pleasure of editing a great interview from The Ravenage for Creative Portal where they give some fantastic advice to young people that want to start out in the music industry. It is such an insightful interview and I would recommend everyone look at this video. 




This is a video about Chop Pitman from the metal Band airforce giving some advice about starting in the music industry. 




This video has everything this text box needs to say!




Creative Portal Jacks story is a brief look into how I discovered creative portal, what it has allowed me to do and also what it can offer other creatives like myself.


Love Me-Documentary


Love,Me is my graduate film where I had the privilege of working as the Lead Editor on this documentary. 


The documentary follows three young individuals who talk openly about their lives and the struggles they have had with mental health. This project was something incredibly personal to me and I had a fantastic time working on this documentary.

It has also recently been nominated in the short form factual catagory at the Royal Television East Student Awards


One Loss One Love Re-Edit


One Loss One Love was a short film from my second year project where I was both the Cinematographer and Editor on the project. I then revisited the film in my final year of university as I wanted to improve upon the original film as there was some footage which our director decided to keep that I felt wasn't serving the story. 




Pastina is my other graduate film I worked on in my final year.  Pastina is a story about food and family, two things which I hold dear. Pastina showcases that food can unite anyone even if they have fallen on hard times. 

Throughout the post production process of Pastina I learnt a lot and its something that I will always remember when working with other creatives in the future. 


More to come



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