Elizabeth Middleton

Elizabeth Middleton

Hello! My name is Lizzie Middleton and I love photography. I have been interested in it from the start of secondary school, taking part in a few sessions and photoshoots in school and out of school with friends and classmates, but only really properly got into it when I chose photography as an A level at sixth form. When I had my first lesson I knew that I wanted to persue photography in the future and I have been working towards that goal ever since. I mainly just do photoshoots with friends at the moment, but I can't wait to start shooting new models. My goal is to move to London in the near future, either doing photography as a job, or doing it at university. I "specialise" in portrait photography, as I love the emotion that can be shown through the face and body, but I am starting to get into fashion photography, as fashion and textiles is also a passion of mine. I love that there are no rules and no two photos can be the same. I hope you enjoy my photos!

I AM Creative Photographer LOOKING FOR Commissions, Tutorial and Portfolio Critique, Photographic Model IN London, Nottinghamshire



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