Simran Johal

Simran Johal

I believe that an Introduction is in itself a production. And so, I implore you to enjoy my performance; I'll be trapeezing with words, juggling with facts and I am a professional escape artist when it comes to making sense.   I'm 17 years old, attending a sixth form called CCHS and finding myself feeling rather out of place. This mismatched feeling is of course the core of my creative pursuits.I hardly think I've ticked any of your boxes with this but I ask you to stay intrigued if not anything else, and be patient as I continue. If it is not obvious enough already, I am ultimately a writer. I'm not a writer because I enjoy it, no then this would merely be my hobby. I write because it's a coping mechanism and so I take it very seriously. I have written a one woman show and intend on performing it one day. I have not a clue where to start with that intention of performance and so I find myself here, willing to see what I ought to do as a performer  and what my options are. 

I AM Performance Artist LOOKING FOR Voluntary Work IN London


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