Kiera Harmer

Kiera Harmer

Hi! I'm Kiera Harmer, multidisciplinary fine artist and musician. 

On Creative Portal, I am promoting my graphic design and illustration commercial work. 


I am a curious, introspective, conceptual fine artist dedicated to the ‘art is life’ mantra. Originally driven to create subversive art, the phenomenology of creativity has become an imperative discussion in my sketchbooks. In fine art I am submerged in the overwhelming freedom to exercise methods, rituals, and processes in order to find profound ‘Truths’, via Art that is also pedalled by Music and Sexuality.


The graphic design, illustration, and commercialism surface as artefacts from the realms of my Art. Each accessible and commercial piece comes from a soulful concept. The designs are malleable and I believe can be applied to many different products and businesses.


I AM Fine Artist-Mixed Media LOOKING FOR Freelance, Business Advice, Grants and Funding IN London, Gloucestershire, Greater London

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