Tiago Ribeiro

Tiago Ribeiro

  • ""Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons.""
  • ― Al Hirschfeld
  • Canadian/Portuguese Award Winning graphic designer with a wide and ecletic creative range of interests, that covers film editing, digital art, photography (street, architecture, food). 
  • On the design field my strengths are editorial, branding  marketing and photography. Also with a Journalist degree and 20 years of experience on the area between radio host book reviewer and article cultural critic writting. 
  • Graduated in 2019, soon after Covid strikes, that's why most of my work there isn't so much design in it, since Covid difficultied getting into the area in Canada.  
  • Still all this samples show other creative fields I love to explore. 
  • I don't have a particular style and I am too ecletic and experimental to be put on one creative box. Am easy adaptable and fast learner always interested in exploring the thin boundary, where design it's art and art it's design. 
  • Moving to Scotland next year, if anyone knows about the creative job market there I really need some guidance.
  • DM 🙏  thank you 
  • Instagram @tiago__gdesigner
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I AM Graphic Designer LOOKING FOR Internship, Employment , Project collaboration IN London, Greater London, Scottish Borders

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