Alfie Williams

Alfie Williams

My name is Alfie Williams, I am an aspiring Animator.

Although I have had many problems with Dyslexia that have got in my way I try my best to beat them and achieve my own goals. On December 15th 2016 I finally found something that I was good at something I was passionate about. I discovered an interest in animation and started to create videos on my first YouTube channel: Wizard Craft Animation eventually being re branded into Wildframestudios. I have tackled most of my course at Barnet Southgate college and I have enjoyed it I am picking up new skills every year. My strengths are mostly with 3D animation although I can do some puppet animation and after effects editing.  My weaknesses are with hand drawing but I am trying to develop my drawing to a better quality and improve my confidence with a pencil to reach my long term goal which is to find my style of work. 

I AM Animator LOOKING FOR Internship, Apprenticeships, Project collaboration IN London

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