Jess Blakemore

Jess Blakemore

Hi i'm Jess! I am an aspiring illustrator/art director from Worcestershire- looking to do an illustration degree next year. I am currently on a gap year, after graduating from BOA (Birmingham Ormiston Academy), where I studied Art and Design as well as Musical theatre. In my year out after finishing college, I set myself the goal of expanding my skills by practising with uses of different media: and I hope this is shown in my portfolio! I am on this site to display my work to potential courses or employers, and I am very open to any advice anyone wants to give me! I am very interested in learning about art direction for tv and film, as well as illustration and animation.
I hope you enjoy looking around my work!


I AM Illustrator LOOKING FOR University Course, Apprenticeships, Advice from Employer IN Birmingham, Worcestershire

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