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Dan Approved CV Workshop- Thur 4th April 2024 [Seeds Hub Wembley]

Posted by Daniel Acheampong, 3 weeks ago

Talk 2 Dan will help you make that first and last 15-20 seconds of your PROFILE a memorable experience not just for you but also for your employer.We will work with you on finalising your profile on your CV which will allow you to become WORK READY & to start applying for work experience/jobs in the creative industry.

Success Stories

Evie landed an interview with Historic Royal Palaces for an Apprenticeship that's about cultural interpretations and exhibitions. Evie has now gone on to land a paid project with Creative Portal creating a visual CV gif.

Valeria landed an interview at Premier- a Comms Agency for Entertainment, Arts and Culture where she applied for a role under the title- Accounts Assistant- Stunts & Experiential.

Maisie landed a job in marketing just 2 weeks after attending our CV workshop.

You can find more info about our success stories via our instagram above by checking the 'Dan Approved' highlight! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@talk2dan.co.uk 

We have a Donate What You can Scheme which allows you as a young creative to 'donate what you can' when attending our event- anything from £1 onwards

Our Event is Sponsored by Yard Sale Pizza!

Enjoy Yard Sale Pizza FREE Homemade Brownies On Entry when attending our in person workshop! See you soon D


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@talk2dan.co.uk